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How to Install Your TV

Installing a television these days can be a challenge with all the added technology. It is essential to have a list of instructions that can guide you step by step on the installation process. If the instructions are followed properly the TV can be installed correctly, quickly and simply.

Mounting the TV

The first thing to do is make a space for the TV that is to be installed. If speakers are going to be installed on the TV, then be sure to have the proper space for both objects. Does the TV that was purchased have a mounting device? If it does, it is important to check that the weight and size of the brackets are the proper ones to use for the type of TV the person have. There are adjustable mounts available. This allows a person to tilt and move the TV. To mount a TV there are some tools that are required. The tools to use are a tape measurer, pencil, power drill, socket wrench, Allen wrench, stud finder, level and a drill bit. First place the television face down on a surface that is soft. This is to prevent the TV from being scratched or scuffed. Be sure to find all the holes that are required for the mounting. The mounts components should be placed securely. Position the mount on the wall to the area that the TV is to be placed. Measure the bottom of the bracket to that of the bottom of the TV. To find the studs in the walls, the stud finder must be used. After taking the proper measurements hold the wall mount to where the TV is to be mounted. Use the wall brackets with the studs in the wall to mark the places where the mount will be securely mounted on the wall. Drill a hole on the marks that were made for the type of fastener being used. Now, mount the wall bracket to the drilled pilot holes. The TV should be lifted with the help of another person and then use the hook side of the bracket to lock on to the wall mount. Connect all the proper wires before placing the TV against the wall. After all the wires are securely connected, carefully place the TV against the wall.

Setting Up the TV

Now that the TV is securely placed against the wall and plugged in the outlet, turn on the TV and check the settings. On picture mode set the picture to Movie or Cinema. Sports and Vivid mode are good options, for those that prefer a brighter picture. Play around with the brightness, contrast, color, sharpness and tint, until the desire quality of picture is obtained. Now the TV can be watched and enjoyed.

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