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How to stream TV on your phone

Streaming your TV on your phone can be done quite easily. The entire installation process will take approximately 10 minutes. Make sure you follow installation instructions until completion for best results.

Getting Started:

The first thing that must be done when streaming your TV on your phone is to first download a media centre app. The media centre app is available online free of charge. In addition to the media centre app you must also plug in an iPiMP.

After you plug in the iPiMP click the media portal set up button. After you click the media portal set up button click yes. Once this is completed wait a few minuted for the files to unpack.

Once files unpack continue with the set up wizard installation. You must now click “start installation now” followed by yes. At this point you must perform a “one click” installation. A “one click” installation is a simple process that can be done within minutes.

Completing Installation:

The “one click” installation can be done by simply clicking the “install button” icon. Once the “one click” installation process is complete you must click “exit” in order to finish. Once you click “exit” the installation process is now complete.

Channel Scanning:

At this point you may scan for specific channels. Scanning for specific channels can be done by plugging in the TV tuner. Once TV tuner is plugged in you can double click “TV server configurations”. The TV configuration button should be installed on your desktop. You must now click the “yes” button.

Your media portal will automatically begin searching for available channels. You have the option at this point to delete any channels in which you have no interest. Once you select desired channels you can verify that the card is working by simply selecting any channel. At this point you should be able to select any channel.

Other Streaming Concerns:

A computer is not required to be connected to a TV in order to watch or view Internet video. There are several Internet streaming video services available which which can easily be streamed in full resolution. Full streaming resolution is 1080 p.


If you wish to record specific TV programs you must choose the recording section to properly configure the recording process. Any recorded TV programs that you have chosen will be saved within the folder tab.

Drive space can be reserved by clicking the “disk quota tab”. You can easily delete old recordings when free space becomes available. When free space drops below a certain level it will automatically free up some additional space for new recordings.

Streaming TV on to your phone can be done quite easily by simply following a few simple instructions. Once the process is complete you can pretty much stream any TV program on to your phone.

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