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Understanding Blu-Ray Technology

Blu-ray technology is technology that supersedes the technology that is seen on DVD technology and in DVD players. Blu-ray disks store more information on the disks on dual layers. Each layer contains 25GB of data, and 50GB of data in total. The dual layer disc allows for more information to be stored on the disk. Blu-ray technology was first introduced in 2000 by Sony at a technology conference, but would not become available to consumers for several years. In 2007 the first Blu-ray discs and blu-ray players were introduced to the consumer market, originally competing against HD DVD. Blu-ray, while expensive, battle HD DVD and eventually won the war, becoming the standard for next generation discs. Blu ray technology were first used to house motion pictures, and now is used for movies, television shows, video games and as storage devices.

The blue laser used to read the diodes on a blu-ray disk is more powerful than that of the red laser used to dead information off of the DVD. Because the laser is more precise and powerful it can read diodes that are pitted closer together. Because of the precision of the laser the blu-ray disc can hold five times as much information as a regular DVD. Because of this, the technology paved the way for the creation of high definition content.

Blu-ray discs are covered in a hard coating. Blu-ray data is housed close to the surface of the disk, which makes them incredibly vulnerable to scratches that made the disks complete useless. Because of this, companies had to come up with a way to protect the data from scratches and corruption. Hard coating was added to ensure the disks were not more vulnerable than their predecessors to damage.

Because of the coating on the disc, blu-ray technology must be read with a blue laser, which is installed in blu-ray players and blu-ray drives. The blue laser is capable of reading the dual layers through the hard coating required to keep the disk safe. Prior to the introduction of blu-ray technology, traditional DVD players utilized red lasers to read the information.

Blu-ray discs have beoome the industry standard since winning out over HD DVD. With that being said, DVDs are still produced and marketed. Future technologies are currently in development. The most promising technology being that of BD-XL. BD-XL utilizes the same lasers and technology, however it stores 100GB of data, 50GB more than traditional blu-rays. Instead of housing information on dual layers, the data is stored on quad layers on a single disc. The storage capabilities allow for more information to be stored on a single disk, creating better quality and more potential applications than that of blu-ray technology.

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